Early Childhood Center

Welcome to the Calhoun Early Childhood Center.  The center was opened in 1994 to meet the needs of the families in the community. The Calhoun Early Childhood Center is state licensed and accredited with Missouri Accreditation.  The district receives funding from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education through the Missouri Preschool Project Program, Child Care Block Grant, and from West Central Early Head Start to assist in providing high quality early education to children six weeks through five years.

The district believes the foundation for learning includes the total development of the child.  We seek to provide developmentally appropriate activities which meet the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of the individual child.  Believing that children learn through play, we plan our curriculum within a caring and creative environment.  The curriculums, Project Construct and Creative Curriculum are designed to enlarge the child’s repertoire of knowledge and skill, to increase self confidence, and to promote curiosity and initiative.

The program goals and objectives are:

  • Strengthen home-school relationships
  • Encourage creativity and self expression
  • Foster a positive attitude toward self and others
  • Promote health, physical growth, and motor development
  • Encourage self-discipline and acceptance of reasonable limits

The primary goal of the center is to provide children the best early education available.  We want to be partners in your child’s education and parental involvement is very important to us.  We recognize and appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us and offer you the opportunity to share in the joys of childhood with us.  Laughter, hugs, sharing and discovery are what being a child is all about.  Your participation as partners in your child’s learning will be a positive experience for us all.