Calhoun R-VIII

MISSION STATEMENT The Calhoun R-VIII School District is preparing motivated, responsible, productive, lifelong learners.


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Picture Day

Picture Day will be Thursday, October 1. Click the title for more details on order forms.

Wed Sep 09 01:35 PM

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4-Day School Week, Coming August 2020

The 2020-2021 school year will feature a 4-day school week for K-12 students and teachers. ECC students and staff will still follow a 5-day week.

Wed Mar 11 08:40 AM

District News

It is the special function of the Calhoun R-VIII School District to serve the needs of youth.It must therefore provide an environment in which everyone may find the opportunity for wholesome growth and development.In this process of development, there must be an ever-increasing sense of social and civic responsibility.The needs of society and the interest of each individual pupil are best served only when the school develops a deep sense of social responsibility and offers opportunities to challenge the purposeful creative effort of all.